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Why lesbians can be emo too.

I realized that this community is missing a sort of manifesto about why I think this cultural minority (I've actually never met another emo lesbian) deserves a community to meet 'n' greet. Basically, I am promoting the fact that emoness and lesbianess can exist side-by-side without one having to be downplayed.

I've always had a penchant for layered tops and messenger bags and when my vision started to go, I got the thickest black frames I could find. When a friend introduced me to Fall Out Boy, I started listening to their albums obsessively and I've had a well-maintained Livejournal since the age of twelve. I am certifiably emo. But, when I realized I was a lesbian, I couldn't help but get this feeling that lesbians aren't invited to the emo-party. Think about it- boys kissing boys? Very emo. Girls kissing girls? Eck. Katy Perry and Britney Spears, anyone? But, what if your life is much less about kissing girls and much more about over-analyzing texts from girls and trying to decode them on your LJ and then scouring the Internet for info on Victoria Asher's sexuality? Well, then we're getting somewhere.

So, be proud to be emo, be proud to be lesbian, go ahead and join. Lesbians can be emo too.
Tags: britney spears, emo glasses, fall out boy, katy perry, layered tops, livejournal, messenger bags, victoria asher
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