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Because lesbians can be emo too
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Emo lesbians
I created this community after doing a google search for "emo lesbians" and getting nothing but videos of girls making out. This is a group for women who fit the following criteria:

1. They're lesbians (girls who enjoy having romantic relationships with other women)
2. They're emo-ites (girls who enjoy detailing their romantic relationships on Livejournal, making playlists to convey how they feel about their current relationship and checking their favorite blogs on friendsorenemies.com about every two minutes)

Talk about anything here. Some ideas:
1. Post to introduce yourself
2. Post news items
3. Post videos of things other than two girls wearing eyeliner and making out (or videos of two girls wearing eyeliner and making out if they're really good)

Pretty much anything else. Just think of this as a place to meet similarly-inclined women.

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